Who hasn't experienced this? Many hectic everyday thoughts buzz around in your head. There is no rest at home. Many sailing guests notice very quickly that as soon as you get on the boat, you enter a different world in which the thoughts of everyday life immediately vanish. You are on the water, on holiday and at the same time you can devote yourself to new challenges. Whether it's the question of the right route, new people, what provisions you still have to buy or "How did that knot work again?". On our sea voyage, we create a varied and unique holiday together with wonderful days on the water, evenings in picturesque bays/harbours, culinary experiences and sporting challenges. Maybe even a little adventure on the high seas? This mixture makes sailing the perfect holiday experience.

As much as I would like to sail all year round, my professional activities take priority in terms of time. For this reason, I can unfortunately only offer a very limited number of self-guided sailing trips. You can find these here.

Here is an example of a cat with which I offer cruises.:

Sailing trips with or without skipper?

With skipper: Under current trips you will find an overview of planned sailing trips. I offer these as berth charters* with a professional skipper and are designed for all sailing enthusiasts and those who want to become one. Some trips may also be offered as training trips. In addition, catamaran-specific characteristics are taught and manoeuvres are practised. See training.

Why with Skipper?

  • Sailing even without your own licence and sailing experience
  • the skipper takes care of the organisation for you
  • more time for family and friends on the trip
  • Learn tips and tricks from an experienced skipper

Without skipper: If you're a self-driver and still looking for a suitable charter yacht, you'll find under charter the perfect yacht. I will be happy to advise you on choosing the right boat and book at the best possible prices.


*What is berth charter? A berth charter is particularly suitable for smaller groups or individuals who do not want to rent an entire boat. A single berth on the boat is rented for the agreed period of time. The price of the berth includes the maintenance of the boat and the skipper's salary. Other sailing guests can be accommodated in the other berths on the boat. Depending on the wishes and experience of the sailing guest, participation in the boat's management is possible.

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