As a water sportsman, it should be a personal concern to keep the seas clean and thus preserve the wonderful nature for future generations. Every individual can make a contribution to this. Especially the littering of the oceans by plastic is an ever-growing problem..


10 things YOU can do to protect the oceans.

 1.   Reduce your energy consumption!
    2.   Eat fish from non-overfished populations!
   3.   Use less plastic and don't throw rubbish overboard!
   4.   Keep beaches clean and take your rubbish with you!
   5.   Avoid products that harm marine life!
    6.   Do not release non-indigenous animals into the sea!
    7.   Repair things instead of throwing them away and buying new ones!
    8.   Use a basket, backpack or cloth bag when shopping!
   9.   Do not buy products made from coral or turtles!
    10.   Educate yourself about the marine ecosystem!


Thank you very much.


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